Local access to nicotine e-liquid will help smokers who choose to switch to vaping to make a lasting change. Currently, the law allows nicotine e-liquid to be imported for personal use only. This law discriminates against low income people and people who do not have easy access to the Internet. Vaping nicotine has been estimated to be at least 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Nicotine e-liquid should be no more difficult to find and to buy than
tobacco cigarettes.

Tobacco is widely and conveniently available, and it is cheap. Increasing the price of tobacco is a key trigger to quit smoking and high prices help prevent smoking initiation. End Smoking NZ believes reduction in smoking prevalence would occur more quickly if the tobacco excise tax was increased by 20% each year until the Smokefree 2025 goal has been reached.

Reducing the nicotine in tobacco to sub-addictive levels will help make tobacco less attractive. Very low nicotine <.05mg cigarettes help people to wean off smoking. VLNCs could also reduce the risk of experimenters becoming quickly addicted to smoking. 

Legalise nicotine e-liquid for sale.

Increase tobacco excise tax annually.

Reduced nicotine cigarettes.




For a smokefree
New Zealand by 2025.