Perspectives of New Zealand health professionals and
smokers on e-cigarettes.

September 2016

Letter to the NZMJ from Trish Fraser, Murray Laugesen,
and Nigel Chee.

 Recruiting Pregnant Indigenous Women Who Smoke into a Contact Incentivized Cessation Trial: A Feasibility Study.

May 2016

Nicotine and tobacco research, a brief report by Kira A, Glover M, Walker N, and Bauld L. 

Excise, electronic cigarettes and nicotine reduction to reduce smoking prevalence by 2025.

December 2015

Letter to the editor from Murray Laugesen and Randolph C Grace.

Modelling of tobacco endgame interventions:
a response

December 2015

Richard Edwards, Tony Blakely, and Friedereke van der Deen respond to the research paper by Murray Laugesen, Randolph C Grace and Bronwyn M Kivell.

Predicting decreases in smoking with a cigarette purchase task: evidence from an excise tax rise in New Zealand

December 2015

Research paper by Murray Laugesen, Randolph C Grace and Bronwyn M Kivell. 

Viewpoints: Is the jury still out on e-cigarettes?

November 2015

Article from the NZ Drug Foundation website.

E-Cigarettes – an effective method of quitting smoking

November 2015

Article by Trish Fraser, for the Auckland Women's Health Council. 

Vaping Support Fact Sheet

October 2015

End Smoking's guide to helping people switch from cigarettes
to e-cigarettes.

Modelling a two-tier tobacco excise tax policy to reduce smoking by focusing on the addictive component (nicotine) more than tobacco weight

December 2012

A paper by Murray Laugesen, in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Taking Nicotine out of Tobacco

February 2002

Thesis by Trish Fraser. 

For a smokefree
New Zealand by 2025.