Some New Zealand agencies whose work helps to reduce smoking


Apologies to the many omitted – for example district health boards, primary health organisations


Daily News digest - global

Action on Smoking and Health NZ

Cancer Society of New Zealand

Smokefree Coalition

Health New Zealand Ltd

Health Sponsorship Council

National Drug Programme: tobacco

Mortality, cancer statistics

NZ Ministry of Health

Quit Group

Outside New Zealand


Action on Health, Australia

Royal College of Physicians, London Tobacco Advisory Committee


Tobacco harm reduction issues


American Association Public health Physicians Tobacco section

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Addresses last updated 7 August 2010

 Dr Murray Laugesen QSO chair; Prof Ross McCormick, Sir John Scott KBE, Trish Fraser MPH, Dr Marewa Glover, Trustees

Making it easier to quit smoking for good 2009 End Smoking NZ